Wise Telnet & Serial Terminal

Wise Telnet & Serial Terminal 3.2

Provides a comprehensive emulation of the WY-/+50tm, WY-60tm series of terminals
3.2.12 (See all)

The Wyse Telnet and Serial Terminal Emulator provides a comprehensive emulation of the WY-50tm, WY-50 tm and WY-60tm series of terminals.
-Locally and remotely programmable keyboard.
-Support for 7-bit National Replacement Characters (NRC).
-Protect and write-protect modes.
-24/25/42/43 line, and 80/132 column display modes, including Economy 80-column(TM) mode.
-Character, line and page attributes.
-Multiple, sizeable page modes and full split-screen support.
-Status Line and programmable key labels.
-Complete editing features, including tabs.
-Full character, line, column and rectangle clear/fill functions.
-Line locking, answerback, monitor mode, and line drawing.
-Remotely switchable emulation.

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